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Venus enters Capricorn on November 25, pausing your lovemaking long enough to ask some serious questions. Should you bring your partner to Thanksgiving?

Fortunately, your sex life picks up again when the new moon is in Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth, skyrocketing your sex drive. Use your flair for dramatics to do some role-playing. Who's in your future? Ask a psychic now. Dig deep and work for those goals! Year Four promises big opportunities in return for solid effort, so take the first step on the path to success and order your detailed Numerology Report now!

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Clairvoyant, Crystal Healing, Pisces February March 20 Single: When you enter new environments, move along the edges first and observe your prey before you pounce. There is no luck in being the aggressor now.

Hooked-up: You love your comfort zone, no matter how others feel. Realize it's no one's problem but your own — and if you don't have a problem with it, neither should anyone else. Some call it complacency, you know it as organization. Aries March April 19 Single: Traveling in a group may bring the party to you, but you'll have better chances for romantic connections when you're solo.

Your February Sex & Love Horoscope

Hooked-up: If you want your opinion to reign supreme, then break it down to primitive talk to get him to understand. Like training a puppy, be the dominant one. Words are your power, so keep it loud. Taurus April May 20 Single: Your reputation is going to go under fire.

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To fight this properly, you'll need to take it to the street. That means go out, have fun, and keep your head up high. Now is the time where you'll realize who is with you and who you should keep your distance from.

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  7. Hooked-up: The idea of voyeurism won't be able to keep you from being turned on, so lay it on thick with the PDA. You'll love the attention. Gemini May June 20 Single: Scrap the rules, because trying to hold yourself back in anyway — especially when it comes to love — will only leave you in regret. Hooked-up: Be careful of not twisting your honey's words to be what you want it to be. There are no excuses that can satisfy your love of denial, so embrace the raw truth as you hear it. It will help prevent lonely nights. Cancer June July 22 Single: There are no good secrets to discover this month, so don't go snooping deeply into your curiosities.

    Aries (March 20-April 19)

    Ignorance is bliss when it comes to your possible hook-ups, so keep it light and focus on the fun. Hooked-up: Be careful about babying your boo. If need be, don't be ashamed to send him home to his mother when he gets to be too much, and go out dancing with your girls instead. Leo July August 22 Single: Go your own path and be ready to stray from the crowd, otherwise, you'll get exhausted having to school immature boys.

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    Hooked-up: It'll be one catty fight after the other, as you and your baby will be ready to go at it like two alphas after a brass ring. Makeup sex is key. Yes, the sex will get rough and slightly sloppy, but it'll be right up your alley for now. Virgo August September 22 Single: When he breaks his inner jerk out, hit reverse and keep going.

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    This month, get your rush by spending money on shopping instead. Hooked-up: Getting a little extra help isn't going to kill you, but asking for too much isn't going to get you too far either. So, avoid mashing pleasure with business.

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    There are strings attached to everything now. To keep your love life solid, have your man remain just your man. Libra September October 22 Single: Experience will matter now, so don't fall for the baby-faces this month because it'll only end with you wanting to spank them in a non-sexual way.

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