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Great vintage graphics on this one. A real comic scene for the bowling elite. This is an older, yet super cool mug featuring the Zenith and Whirlpool logos and tag-lines of yesteryear.

Nice stackable mug. This is a rare and hard to find mug from the Yosemite National Park. It features a cute bear logo on both the front and back of the mug. This is a highly collectible and sought mug. This is a very hard to find cereal bowl made by the Anchor Hocking Company exclusively for Huskies Cereal.


Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine: Disney Princesses as breast cancer survivors

One box-top and 10 cents would get you this special mail-in only order. The white Patriots Point — U. Navy ship to bear the Need we say more? This Snoopy mug is part of a series of collector mugs. This mug is for you.

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Own this bold red mug and proudly pronounce and display your love for New York. This vintage burger chain mug is a wonderful addition to any fast food mug collection.

My RIDICULOUSLY HUGE Disney Mug Collection

Great bold red graphics adorn this mug all the way around. So put on your burger chef hat and have a good morning.

Astrology Coffee Mug

A Pig in skates? You bet! Not something you see everyday, really! This mug is one of the rare and more hilarious mugs out there for collectors of Fire-King. There are two pigs wrapped around this mug skating their hearts out Adorned with the cutest of frogs this mug will bring a little whimsy to any collection. As an Aries, you always take the lead, especially in difficult situations.

Even if "difficult situation" means dressing up like a dude and sneaking out of your parents' house in the night so you can join the army and defeat the Huns, you're ready to commit.

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Like Mulan, you don't like to sit on the sidelines, but you can occasionally be a little too impulsive, so always make sure you have a trusted dragon a human will do too to talk you down. Taurus, aka the bull, is known for stubbornness, but if an evil witch imprisons you in a tower and your only way out is via your hair, you can call it "perseverance" instead. Like Rapunzel, you're a patient friend and usually take a down-to-earth perspective on life — literally, once you get out of that damn tower.

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You're known for your versatility and ability to go with the flow, like Jasmine did that time she ran away from the sultan's palace and decided to live as a peasant just for fun. Sure, she got a little help from Aladdin once things took a turn in the almost-getting-her-hand-cut-off direction, but without her adaptability, she might not have made it out of there with all her appendages in tact. Geminis also get bored easily, which is why it's important to find yourself a boyfriend with a magic carpet that can take you anywhere. Cancers are super in touch with their emotions, which unfortunately also means that they can hold a grudge like nobody's business.

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So, for example, if your demigod boyfriend Hercules moved to Mount Olympus without you, you'd be pissed about it for the rest of your mortal life. Your demigod boyfriend totally gets you though, so try to act a little surprised when he gives up his immortality to hang out with you on earth for the next 60 years. As a Leo, you're all about being the center of attention. Having an unruly mane of red hair like Merida's will certainly help in this respect, but if that's not possible, your creativity and gregariousness ought to do the trick.

Leos also love sports and the outdoors, which is great, because you know what sport you can do outdoors?

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In job interviews, the first thing you list as one of your strengths is your "attention to detail. When you fall into a coma brought on by a poisoned apple, they'll be like, "We didn't even know how good we had it! Also, wasn't her lipstick always on point? Libras are known for always putting others above themselves, "others" here meaning raccoons, hummingbirds, talking willow trees, and settlers who've come to take your land.

This is why the sign is represented by scales — because you, like Pocahontas, value fairness above all, and you know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

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