Horoscope for wednesday january 13 2020

The moon is in Aries.

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone. The moon connects with Jupiter at AM, creating a generous atmosphere; however, communication planet Mercury meets Saturn at AM, which means you have to be on your best behavior as an important conversation takes place.

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Jupiter clashes with Neptune at PM—keep your gullibility in check! But, enjoy the whirlwind of fantasy, creativity, and romance that may swoop in. The moon clashes with Pluto at PM, stirring up power struggles. Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets with your ruling planet Saturn this morning, Capricorn, finding you in a very serious mood.

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Communication planet Mercury meets with your ruling planet Saturn this morning, making for a very serious energy. Confusion about cash or about your place in a community you belong to may come up today.

Both of your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, square off today, Pisces! This can be wonderful—so much romance and creativity!

Still, the reality behind the fantasy could be a rude awakening. Stay grounded—especially around your career and public life.

Personally Significant Days

The moon is in your sign today, Aries, plugging you right into your emotions. An important conversation about career comes up today. The next two weeks are peak manifesting time for this lunation, but really, its energy will reverberate for up to six months, giving you ample time to bust through a plateau and widen your horizons.

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Literal travel will be thrilling now, helping couples reconnect and strengthen their bond and create new erotic memories. Single Cats will be feeling frisky and adventurous, and this vibration will attract intriguing people into your field.

December 25 2020

Be sure to pack a journal—and your sexiest lingerie. Also favored during this transit are solo ventures and educational growth. Stay humble, take a class or workshop, and see what seeds THAT plants! October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Listen: Your October Numerology Forecast.

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Very good day for many things: travel, acquisition of wealth and the giving of gifts, religious ceremonies, donning jewelry, meditation, study, acquiring occult knowledge, fasting, medical treatment and rehabilitation, the wedding. It is good to worship Saraswati. Bad day for a bad action, punishment See horoscope in the year of the event and recommendations.