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The September horoscope predictions reveal that you need to keep fit by enrolling to the gym to maintain the good health. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Leo astrological predictions for September predict that this month you will grow professionally with the help of your family members.

Most of your focus is not in a career this month, but you will use this time to reflect on your objectives and come up with those that are easily achievable. Test Now!

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Considering the monthly horoscopes , you will experience some financial difficulties, but all will be well with the help of friends and family members. Leo Education Horoscope Education will be a part of your focus this month because it will help in improving your outward success.

This month the stars are aligned to bless you hence you will perform well in school. The September horoscope for Leo foretells that you will climb up the ladder in your class very fast due to your determination and zeal.

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The stars are not favourably aligned hence travelling for business purposes will only bring you loss and not gains. Those planning to go abroad for studies should also halt the same since they will come back empty-handed.

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

See Chinese Horoscope Tags leo september Tip of the day: Resist the urge to splurge today for you might regret and even need the money later. Already making weekend plans Cancer? Tip of the day: A pet animal will be at the receiving end of your unbridled affection and will endure the full force of your love today. Blame sleep deprivation and excruciatingly low levels of energy for this one you poor thing. Neither work, nor play will dominate your mind today because all you want right now is to be done with the day, the week, the month and most definitely, the year. Hang on to your loved ones dear Leo for they are the only ones who can make things tolerable for you.

Tip of the day : Pay attention to what you choose to eat for the next few days Leo. Ushering in the New Year with a visit to the doctor is not a very good idea.

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Your mood will improve towards the latter half of the day and things will get much better if you stay close to family. Avoid consuming alcohol today as it could make you irksome and not a lot of fun to be around. This is the symbol used for Earth in astronomy and alchemy, and by some astrologers. John Lash calls this a "terrestrial blindspot" in his groundbreaking book Quest for the Zodiac.

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He says the key markers of destiny are found in the Sun and Earth's position in the actual constellations not the signs. It's Star or Stellar Zodiac, from his research on placing planets in the constellations. Aries is the sign of the Warrior, the first sign of the astrological calendar, and its symbol shows the Ram's horns. The fiery Aries forges ahead with great courage as an initiator and pioneer. Aries dates are in the Spring from March 21st to April 20th. Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and the sign of the Bull, with horns from that imposing animal. The resourceful Taurus approaches everything with caution, taking deliberate and sure-footed steps toward success.

Dates for the Sun in Taurus are from April 21st to May 21st. Gemini is the sign of the celestial twins and has a curious duality to its nature.

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Often called mercurial after its ruling planet Mercury, the Gemini is rarely at a loss for words. The dates for the Sun in Gemini are from May 22nd to June 21st. The sign of Leo is ruled by the mighty Sun and its astrological creature is the Lion. The Leo is proud, expressive and optimistic with a need for adoration and respect from those they love. The dates for the Sun in Leo are from July 24th to August 23rd. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and associated with the Virgin because of its qualities of physical purity and chastity. When their personal lives are fulfilled, they make wonderful, caring parents that seem to know how they children feel even when they are miles apart.

When a job needs to get done, a Cancer will roll their sleeves up and finish it successfully. If they are left alone to work, they usually perform better than when surrounded by other people, loyal to their employer and focused on the task. They will have great careers as nurses, housekeepers, gardeners, politicians and decorators. For Cancer representatives, security and money are of great importance and stand for the real reason they work as much as they do.

They easily earn money and aren't used to spending it all in one day. It is their goal to save, invest, and watch their investments grow daily. Resourceful and good at managing time and finances, this is a sign that is often in charge of all money in the household, keeping their partner or other family members under control.

A Cancer man is conservative just enough to know that initiative is important, but often fails to show it before he feels safe to do so. His partners need to make the first move, but still doing it subtly to let him still feel like he is leading the way. This is a complex individual, very sensitive, shy and overly protective of his loved ones. When he prefers women, he will subconsciously search for the ideal wife and mother. A Cancer man is an emotional person, who loves to take care of other people. He wants to feel needed, and protective, receiving a lot of attention from his partner through kind words and subtle concerns and compliments to make his day.