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The Wands:. The Swords:. The Cups:. Ask the Oracle It will answer all of your Questions. Lenormand cards meanings and Horoscopes. Kipper Fortune Telling cards meanings and Horoscopes. Free Horoscopes and Oracles. Online Oracles with antique Fortune Telling cards. Planetary aspects may impact the health of children. If you have children of marriageable age, there may be good news on this front. Libra professionals will have a favorable first quarter. However, aspects of Saturn will create some mental challenges during this period. The second quarter of the year will have positive influences of Jupiter and Saturn for Libra people.

If you are looking for a change over of job or transfer to a new place, the third quarter of the year is promising. The year will also be favorable for people in the educational field. It is imperative to maintain a harmonious relationship with colleagues and seniors at the office. Also, professionals will have to put their best foot forward in their jobs. Businessmen should not venture into huge projects during the year.

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However, you should consult experts in the field and seek their opinion before you commence a new project. Astro Mindset. Ascendant signs. Descendant signs.

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Astrology throughout the World. Astrological Transits. The cardinal-air sign. Rules the 7th house. Ruled by Venus. Libras are gentle, refined and peace loving creatures. Their role in the zodiac is to get everyone working together. Their nature is passionate, sensual and artistic and they actively seek a peaceful and harmonious existence knowing this is where they work the best.

They abhor any kind of injustices and inequalities and make wonderful counselors and mediators.

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The Libra natives are self-confident in , they have the courage to fulfill their dreams and they are full of optimism. Starting from the second part of the year, you enjoy many successes in your career. Some minor conflict with the work colleagues might occur, but if you treat them with diplomacy, there will be no repercussions. You desire very much a stable relationship that poses no issues, with a supporting partner and you are going to have them. In , it is possible to have encountered some tensions in family relationships, but the old conflicts will be settled in Your propensity towards materialism is going to be further highlighted when a huge amount of money will fall out of the blue.

The stars support you and you will not be left without a beautiful amount of money in your account. If one of those pals is your secret crush, who can blame you? On April 21st, plans come together and efforts pay off handsomely. For couples, the rewards might be a deeper commitment or improved communications; singles might finally meet a very special someone. Yearly Horoscope During mid-year, there seems to be a possibility of Manglik Karya within your family. Libra horoscope However, your love and romance will not much be affected by that. Libra January Horoscope.

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