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In contrast to the harsh Sun, the cool reflective Moon is a comforting, seductive presence. It's the fastest moving entity with a pull so strong it creates bulges in the ocean's waters. In a birth chart, the Moon's nature shows our own instinctive reactions and pulls on the emotions. The Moon is early childhood before we've developed an identity the Sun. Once we have a social mask, the Moon's traits are revealed in crisis, when we're stressed, or known only to our intimates.

It's the embodiment of our personal mysteries, like secret desires, or that which eludes our own conscious awareness. That's when the Moon in her terrifying guise appears, as a reflection of buried fears and instinctual behaviors. Luna is the Latin name, from which the words lunatic or lunacy evolved.

The Moon's Lore and Meaning in Astrology

When Luna is close, in Perigee, there are tidal surges called Spring Tides , because the water springs up suddenly. The Moon's changes stir up erratic emotional effects that seem to overwhelm the rational nature. The sign it rules, Cancer, is known for its rapid mood swings. This lends the Moon its darker reputation, as the entity of hysteria, road rage and clouded perceptions.

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Under the Moon light, things aren't always as they seem in the bright light of day. That's why following the lunar cycle helps you stay aware of these rhythms and beware, -- as in be aware -- so you don't go off the deep end! Tuis is just so well explain and it is a Blessing that you share it with all of us….

Bless you! Thanks soo much for this great informetion.. Its so exciting to be here on earth at this time. Much Love and Laughter. Margie Griffin says:. All Hail our beautiful Mother. Peace in our time. Thank you for helping me understand more and raise my spirit which was in a very up and down motion for the past month. I am now ready to end the struggle and dance with life. Frances Lila Blog says:. Thank you!

This is a wonderful overview and just what I needed to read this morning to align my intentions…. All Magic and Love outward and inward to day and tomorrow.. Have been looking forward to this for a half year. This is exciting. Well-written article here..

Susannah says:. I am in awe of you and all of the women tuning into the sacred feminine energy, setting intentions, and leading the path for others — it is an honor to carry the torch and light the way for others — Venus is here to guide us if we open to receive. It is time to heal the planet with reverence for the Divine Feminine, by returning to an old paradigm of connection and community, centered in peace, the common good, and sustainable environmental and social change.

I believe that opening our hearts, living from the inside out, telling our stories, gathering in circles, creating art, connecting to and honoring nature, and collaborating in non-violent protest are some of the most powerful ways that we can move from our heads into our hearts to live more authentically. Thank you Mystic Mama. Happy, happy, happy! At last, at last.. I enjoyed this information.. May Source Love Prevail. Annemarie says:. Have been feeling this now for a while and i am so so pleased that we are now moving into hopefully a more peaceful and united time.

Ruba says:. With the Infinity symbol with the faces and the yellow border, can you please tell me where you got this IMAGE and what it represents? I have seen it before in my mind, and would like to know the significance.

Asteroid occultations

Ondrej Mazan says:. Hi, please, could you say me a few words to the new visualising Time Symbolic Hourscale for meteo TV satellite animations time feeling — your opinion? I find your profile wonderful inspirative. Violet Dawn says:. When you feel empowered and exhilarated, awed and peaceful, you can see that you are in the new energies. They are already available here and continuing to expand upward in frequency within you and within the sphere of the planet as a whole.

Randi says:. Ella says:. A very interesting and inspiring read. I learned a lot by reading this about the Venus Transit. Anna says:.

The Lunar Occultations of : The Circle of Grandmothers and the New World Order

Unfortunately, she died on June 8. It is interesting to me to note that she was born on the 5 and died on the 8, which are the same numbers as the 8 year pentagram made by Venus. I reached out to my mother today to share my grief, despite the fact that we have a troubled relationship, only to find that she was in the hospital following an emergency surgery. Despite the pain I feel at the loss of my daughter, I have always considered her brief life a call to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. After all, as humans, we are subject to every pleasure and every pain. Thank you so much for are your hard work and beautiful images.

Grace Kerenapu. Cathy Pollock says:. Today is my birthday and I feel blessed to have witnessed the venus transit tonight. I feel very hopeful that that which has been conceptual or just dreams until now will be begin to manifest and positively change my world and the world of others that I am in contact with.

Thank you for this clear and beautiful message! Cathy P. Salt Lake City, Utah. Mai Needham says:. I lay on my bed with my two beautiful goddess grandchildren. We made our labyrinth today with chalk.. They sleep now and the dot we call Venus travels across their eyelids as the dream and be. I am blessed to feel through their even breathing the truth of the greatness of life itself…! Life is Happy! Life is a tree and apple and life is wanting to be me! Peace to all.

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  • Stream Gardner says:. Thank you all for your inspired comments! May we all stay connected to our heart energy lovelovelove. What a great event. I even changed my name to Shanti in Peace to all the Universe and be happy. Wonderful comments, thank you.


    Have just watched the masses of people celebrating Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, such jubilation! Amazing to see the surge of energy and love for a monarch, female too! Thank you, may the Venus bless all the living beings and enlighten to a new era. May peace be with throughout the universe. May Venus bless me to overcome my difficulties.

    I know this, and that is, I am following a story of remarkable synchronicity every step of the way. Before I saw the announcement, in the recent Boston Sunday Globe, of the Venus transit, a moving black dot on the sun, I was listening to the Police, their CD, in my car, and of course they have a song, and it is called King of Pain. Well, having been in Malta, and a story that is remarkable that took me there, I can say, Malta was a major source of Goddess Worship, and was apparently connected to Atlantis, the lost mystical continent.

    An astounding story. Occultations have also been used to estimate the diameter of trans-Neptunian objects such as TX , Ixion , and Varuna. In addition, mutual occultation and eclipsing events can occur between a minor planet and its satellite.