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Gemini the Twins May 22 - June 21 birthdays astrology symbol of the zodiac charm. Size 20mm height. Structure 3 Dimensional, solid You may wish to find out more Capricorn the goat December 22 - January 20 birthdays symbol of the zodiac charm. Libra scales of justice August 24 - September 23 birthdays symbol of the zodiac charm. Intricately detailed with swinging arms, a miniature version of the real thing!

Leo the Lion July 24 - August 23 birthdays symbol of the zodiac charm. A ram's head — for Aries — with white enamel against an exquisite cornflower blue guilloche enamel background. Age s.

Star of David Astrology Report 9 May 2014

Beautiful and rare zodiac pendant by collectable maker Peruzzi. Engraved on the reverse 'TPA'.

Pisces the fish February 20 - March 20 birthdays astrology symbol of the zodiac charm. Size 16mm height.

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Sagittarius the Archer November 22 - December 21 birthdays astrology symbol of the zodiac charm. Size 22mm height. Scorpio the Scorpion October 24 - November 22 birthdays astrology symbol of the zodiac charm. Size 22mm length, head to tail. Five pointed star charm.

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This star has a ribbed texture with smooth, flat, engraveable reverse and can be worn as a pendant. Available in gold, please email us Size 15mm height; 10mm width. Structure Flat, engraved. The telescope is an instrument used to view distant objects, planets and stars in the sky. Size 23mm height.

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Structure 3 Dimensional, Little five pointed shining star charm. Choose sterling silver highly polished or 24k gold plated sterling silver satin. Virgo the Virgin August 24 - September 23 birthdays astrology symbol of the zodiac charm. Size 18mm height. A witch sits on the moon stirring her cauldron over a fire. Delightful, beautifully detailed Halloween charm.

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  • Size 16mm To be kept up to date with latest news and information and to see new charms designs added to the collection, follow us via your favourite social media. Menu 0. Of all the natural sciences, astrology dates back the farthest.

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      So, choose to be happy. The best is yet to come! When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. They are based on your own personal cosmic fingerprint — that is, your date, time and place of birth.

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