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Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn by Deborah Browning: This week's scenario is highlighted by changes in your career objectives. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will leave fire-sign Sagittarius next month on December 2, when it enters Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius a full year, but alas, now he is about to depart.

Not since have we seen Jupiter in Capricorn, and before that, This change will have a significant effect on your career, inspiring enormous growth until Jupiter leaves Capricorn a year from now, on December 19, You currently have Jupiter in your element, fire, a major advantage. If you have any personal goal—not career-related, as those desires will be fulfilled in the coming months—consider taking a giant step toward grasping your dream before Jupiter leaves Sagittarius on December 2. This is doubly true if you were an Aries born April , for the golden rays of Jupiter are precise and perfectly directed to your birthday Sun.

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You are under a shower of outstandingly harmonious rays, dear Aries. Take full advantage! The new moon will be helpful to those Aries born March 26, plus or minus four days. If you have natal planets at four degrees or 29 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, then this month, you will be generously helped by a loving universe. Dropping clues and power dates throughout her readings, she strives for an honest, accurate forecast.

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